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The Must-see Series On Netflix.

I love watching series especially on chill weekends, so today I decided to offer you this top 3 series that I watch the most or that I have watched in recent months and that I find relatively good ( even too well) and up to it, I’m sure. To tell the truth, most of the series that I would offer you at the beginning I didn’t like too much but over the episodes I fell in love with the way it was filmed, the story, the characters … . So, do yourself a favor and don’t hesitate to tell me if you’ve watched these series before or if you plan to do so … Let’s go!


I just finished the whole seasons (thank you Netflix!) And I have to say that it is a perfectly mastered series both technically and narratively and especially the acting of the myriad of secondary characters. Piper Chapman is being held in Litchfield, a minimum security prison for fifteen months because she carried a suitcase of money from drug trafficking, ten years earlier, for her then-lover, Alex Vause. She tries to get used to life in prison, between the clanism, the networks and the strong personalities of the other prisoners. (Synopsis of AlloCiné)

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