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What Your Natural Lip Color Says About Your Health.

The pink tint that you associate with your lips is a natural pigmentation called melanin. When this coloring changes, there is often a reason for this. Habits like tobacco or alcohol that affect the coloring of your lips, but it can also be something more serious. The color of your lips can give you an idea of what is happening inside your body. It can help you determine what to do to correct the problem. The first step is to explore the meaning of each color. Pale lips If your lips lack coloring, this may be a sign of poor blood circulation. When your body does not have enough blood, it is usually a sign of iron deficiency or anemia. If you find that your lips are pale, you can have a blood test for anemia. Pale or white lips can also be a sign of severe dehydration. Red lips shaped like a candy Lips that look naturally red usually indicate that your liver and spleen are suffering. Bad breath can also accompany this lipstick coloring. A relaxing night without stress is an excellent remedy for red lips. Lips dyed green or purple These lip colors can be fun during Halloween, but don’t have to be natural. In fact, when you see these colors, you need to inform your doctor. Green or purple lips may indicate that you are suffering from respiratory distress or heart problems. These two problems need to be taken seriously, because they can change the course of life.
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Extremely dark red lips Extremely red lips or the edge of black can mean that you have digestive problems. This is often the result of consuming a large amount of processed foods. One way to rebalance your digestive system is to cleanse the toxins from your system. This means that you need to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables rich in fiber to facilitate digestion. You also need to drink plenty of lemon water to boost your metabolism. Scheme of the dark purple lip This natural lip pencil is the way your body tells you it is unbalanced. A few days of rest and relaxation should help you regain balance in your body. Limit the stress you impose on your body every day and monitor the food you put into your system.

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