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Methods of Tattoo Removal

Tattoos have become incredibly popular in the last 40 years and tattoo removal are so. They’re no longer just for bikers and sailors — they’re for everyone. Many people have memorial pictures or inspirational phrases tattooed on themselves. But some people regret having a tattoo of their boyfriend or girlfriend’s name after they break up. Others become embarrassed years later when that hot new tattoo trend becomes tacky and dated So it’s no surprise that tattoo removal has also become very popular. There are basically eight ways to get rid of a problematic tattoo. Some are much more successful than others. Some are more painful than getting the tattoo in the first place. And some are just plain dangerous or a waste of time. Here are the eight methods of tattoo removal In this article, we discuss each form of tattoo removal and their advantages and disadvantages in terms of cost, pain, and effectiveness.
tattoo removal with laser


Coverups are just that: covering the old tattoo with a new one by reworking the design. Some tattoo artists specialize in this, as it’s tricky to make the old tattoo not show through. This is one of the least expensive methods of correction. Tattoo artists charge about $50-$125 per hour. Also, getting a coverup hurts no more than getting the original tattoo did, and it has about the same amount of healing time. The downsides are, of course, that there is no guarantee you will like the coverup tattoo more than the original years down the line. Plus, you will likely need to get a tattoo larger than the original one in order to properly cover it up. And if the original has huge blocks of dark ink it can be hard to fix or hide. So, depending on your tattoo, a coverup might not be an option for you.

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